Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Noise Zombifies Online Dating

Vancouver, BC; February 17, 2009 – For those who haven’t been able to find love the traditional way, Noise Digital has created Zombie Singles. The zombie-themed online dating site was designed to promote Resident Evil: Degeneration, the recently released title for Nokia’s mobile gaming platform, N-Gage.

Through Zombie Singles users can interact by creating a pseudo-dating profile in hopes of finding their zombie match. They can also collect friends, or “fiends”, and rate other pictures based on their “Bore or Gore” factor. The site leverages the The Zombifier, a custom flash application that allows users to “zombify” themselves, transforming an ordinary picture into a zombie-style avatar with wounds, incisions, blood spots, and more.

The site incorporates facets of standard social media and dating sites with specialized interactive elements for zombie fans. For example, Zombie Singles users can ‘bite’ other zombies if they want more attention. Throughout the site, users are exposed to promotions and ads for the latest Resident Evil/N-Gage title and can opt-in to the N-Gage Community.

“Resident Evil is already a highly successful media franchise. Our goal was to harness users’ interest in the franchise, capture their attention, and build an online community,” says Mark Nishiguchi, Managing Partner, Noise Digital. “To make our marketing efforts more engaging, we used Easter eggs to link to N-Gage and Resident Evil contests and promotions around the site. Users either answer trivia questions or hunt around the site for clues in order to win prizes.”

Site users are automatically entered to win a trip for two to Japan, exclusive passes to the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, a meeting with Resident Evil game designers from Capcom Japan, and two Nokia N96 devices. The contest will be judged by N-Gage and Capcom officials and the winner will be chosen based on their “Bore or Gore” rating, the quality of their photo, and the number of fiends that they accumulate.

“We had to overcome a number of challenges with this campaign, including the fact that we had no media support,” continues Nishiguchi. “As a result, we leveraged a compelling contest prize and are drawing traffic from other sources such as Resident Evil, zombie, and horror fan forum communities. We are also tying into existing social media such as Facebook, Digg, and Delicious to allow users to download and share their profile pictures.”